acceptance follows understanding
(-_-) bio

South African male born in the seventies.

Of mixed European descent (, i.e. despite the name, ek’s ‘n witte, umlungu wam*).

I have lived and worked in many locations (Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America) and with even more cultures (North and South Americans, Europeans, New Zealanders and Australians, Asians, and of course the diverse Africans).

I have worked within many industries (hospitality, construction, metal recycling, technology) in even more roles (waitron, labourer, foreman, tenderer, quantity surveyor, office manager, call centre agent, technology support and administrator, developer and consultant, manager and director).

This broad experience has given me a predilection towards diversity, an enjoyment of adversity, and an acceptance of perversity.

I challenge perceptions and preconceptions. Traditional is an excuse.

Open to any creative challenges in technology leadership.

* This is of importance only in South Africa, given the scale and scope of economic empowerment activities aimed at race. To stop the cold-calling from the many headhunters who assume based on my name that I will help fulfill their BEE quota and/or roles… which ends up wasting the time of all involved, and generally ruins my day.If you don’t know what this means, you can safely ignore it. :)